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so, I’ve been getting little signs like this. we talked about this today in English (because we have to write a paper about happiness) and throughout this whole section, I’ve been thinking about my situation. I broke up with my ex (for petty reasons) basically because I felt like he wasn’t good enough for me. I felt like he couldn’t provide me with what I wanted in the future and stuff like that. 
at the time, I didn’t wanna admit it to myself that that was the reason why I was breaking up with him. I tried to disguise it with other excuses like “oh, he’s not on my mental level.. I’m not attracted to him.. I think we should be friends” shit like that. people supported my decision so I was like “ok, we good. they good. everyone’s happy” 
but in reality, I wasn’t happy. and I tried to hard to reassure myself that I made to right decision. but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it. I started getting all these small signs (like this) talking about love & happiness, etc. I would overhear people’s convos, and see these on instagram, commercials, tumblr.. that applied to my situation. eventually it beacons to much for me to hold so I had to vent and tell someone how I was feeling. by doing that, my eyes became open. I thought to myself “how can I be so superficial, materialistic, vain & down right petty? I have a person who will sacrifice almost anything for me.. that puts me as one of the top priorities in his life… that shows me soooo much affection, love & comfort on a daily.. that spoils the hell out of me with tangible AND non-tangible things.. that goes out of his way just to see me smile.. who thinks I’m the most beautiful girl in the world and has no problem telling me that.. who is so open to adapting to my culture… who will do anything for me. why the hell did I let that go?” I was focused on all the wrong things.. such as what kind of job is he gonna have, what are his future plans, can he support me financially… all that IRRELEVANT shit. if you love someone and that person loves you back tenfold, then BE with that person… despite anything anyone has to say. at the end of the day, it’s your happiness that matters. not anyone else’s. God will take care of everything else. 

seeing this today reassures me that trying to build back our relationship was definitely the right choice.

Hate feeling like I’m being annoying when I hit people up so I just don’t

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what is this song

Wiz Khalifa - We dem boyz

lol drake awkward asf

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I ❤️ being sore.

lol, it makes me feel like I actually did something.


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